Taxation & VAT

Tax management is laborious. Its complexity increases as your business grows. We're the top choice to outsource all your VAT related concerns.

Managing VAT obligations will be an ongoing challenge for businesses.

It is never a simple job to get a hold on the idea of Value-Added Tax (VAT) in one go. VAT is applicable to the majority of transactions on goods and services with an exemption for limited number of transactions.

With VAT becoming increasingly complicated we aim to simplify your business operations. Implementation of VAT needs careful planning and skilled resources for its success; our dedicated expert VAT & Taxation team will help you manage every aspects of VAT rules from registration & implementation to the accounting and to the return filling and reviews.

We’ll make sure you comply with VAT laws and regulations. The range of our end-to-end VAT services include the following:

  • VAT registration/ de-registration assistance
  • VAT implementation
  • VAT & Excise accounting - calculate or evaluate the computation
  • VAT & Excise advisory and or review
  • Assistance in VAT return declaring
  • Ad-hoc VAT workshop and solution

Did you know?

  • A business must register for VAT if its taxable supplies imports or expenses exceeds AED 375,000 during past 12 months.
  • It is optional for businesses to register for VAT; whose taxable supplies exceed AED 187,500 but do not exceed AED 375,000 during last 12 months